I have always tried to be a thoughtful, kind, honest, generous, and sensitive man. I have not always succeeded at my goal. But as I have become older and hopefully wiser, I have realized that the goal is very attainable. So I have chosen to become the person who I felt I always thought I was. I decided to become the best version of myself. To do this, you just have to be NICE. One of the ways I have worked at my goal is to do Random and Not so Random Acts of Kindness.

When I was growing up, you didn’t have to think about these attributes, because they were the norm. But as life got busier and busier, people forgot how to be nice and society, unfortunately, became a ME society and many people started thinking only of their own needs.

So I decided to go back to the days when people were kinder, friendlier, thoughtful, and generous. When I speak of Acts of Kindness, it doesn’t have to be anything monetary. There are so many Random Acts of kindness that you can do on a daily basis that cost nothing but your time and thoughtfulness. Here are a few Random and Not so Random Acts of Kindness you can do every day, that cost zero dollars.

It is well known that Kindness is linked to Well Being. So the next time you’re having a challenging day, why not do a Random Act of Kindness for someone.

Just hold the door open for someone behind you! It doesn’t matter their age, or if their hands are full. Just Smile and Hold the Door.

Smile at People and Greet them. Say Good Morning or Good Afternoon. Or just say HI! This tiny ACT will undoubtedly bring a Smile or a Good Feeling to most people that you have greeted. Challenge yourself to speak to 5 strangers a day. So often we walk right by people and don’t even speak. We need to bring humanity back into our world.

Offer your seat on a crowded bus or train or waiting room. How many times have you been in a Doctor’s Waiting room or gotten on public transportation and people are standing around and Children and Young Adults are sitting comfortably while elders and pregnant women are standing? I don’t care how old you are, if someone is standing, offer them your seat, unless, of course, you can’t stand safely. We have no idea what people’s medical conditions are and maybe they need to sit more than we do.

Be a SAFE Driver and don’t zigzag in and out of traffic and put other people’s lives at risk. And let people cut in or pull out in front of you.

When out walking for pleasure or exercise or to and from a specific destination, when you see trash on the ground, pick it up! Don’t just walk by and leave it their. And don’t even think about littering yourself. I live on a corner lot that connects to the main road in and out of our neighborhood. I can’t tell you how many people throw beverage cans and trash into our yard before they enter the main road. It’s like, as they are sitting at the stop sign to pull onto the main road, they clean out their cars and throw their trash on the 2 corner properties. Really?

A few side notes about being Kind and Random Acts of Kindness. Be aware that there are unfortunately people out there in the world who look for people who are KIND, so they can take advantage of their KINDNESS. These are the people who usually only contact you when they need something. And after you say NO to them, usually they disappear. They’re pretty easy to spot.

With Random Acts of Kindness, if you have a few extra dollars, the sky is the limit. You can buy someone’s Coffee or pay for their Bridge Tolls or Bus Fare or buy their meal. You can give out Gift Cards to people for Coffee or Mcdonald’s or any establishment you desire. There are so many things you can do.

Just remember it’s called RANDOM! That means that nobody other than the person on the receiving end should know about your kindness. When you start telling or bragging about what you have given to others, it no longer becomes Random and it diminishes the entire purpose. Now all of a sudden it’s all about you again. LOOK WHAT I DID!

Have a Great WEEK ahead and go and Spread Kindness throughout your neighborhoods and towns. Each time a person does an Act of Kindness or a Random Act of Kindness, you are making the World a Better Place for our Children and Grandchildren.

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