Happy Holidays

As the holidays approach, and the temperatures dip way down below normal and everyone is super busy planning family time, I challenge each and every person I know, to please be kind. Count your blessings and stop complaining. Be Thankful for your health, your safety, the safety and health of your family and friends. There are so many people suffering this holiday season. Share a smile and a laugh with a stranger. When you think about what the poor innocent Ukrainian citizens are having to endure , it puts everything into perspective. No matter how bad your life may seem, someone else has it way worse then you. It’s supposedly the season of giving, forget the material gifts and give love, kindness, thoughtfulness, joy, happiness. Those are the gifts I cherish the most. And if you believe in Prayer, that is one of the greatest gifts, to pray for those less fortunate the you. Merry Christmas to all of you. May God fill your heart with the gift of love ❤️ for your fellow man. Let’s not forget the True meaning of Christmas! Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!

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