Loving Ourselves

The road to Addiction starts out so innocently. The addiction vehicle can make us feel relaxed, happy, funny, brave, charismatic, powerful, satified and loved.

But deep down, it’s a cover up for some pain that we have never dealt with or even achnowledged. I truly believe we all have addictive personalities, whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, nicotine or any other addiction.

The one true way to fight addiction is to look hard at our own selves and be honest with ourselves and try and figure out where and why this behavior began. It’s not an easy fix, it takes work, and you have to love and cherish yourself enough to do the work. It’s alone time, it’s inward questioning and it’s uncomfortable, but it’s absolutely necessary for our recovery and peace of mind.

Until we can look deep into our souls, we will never have complete peace or true happiness, just fleeting glances of happiness and peace. That in itself is a problem also, because we believe we can sustain our lives with these fleeting moments of happiness forever, and it doesnt work. True Happiness is attainalble, but you have to put the work in.

Photo by kinkate Gruber on Pexels.com

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