Living with Loss

One of life’s most difficult challenges is learning to live with the mental anguish after the loss of someone you love through death, divorce or a break up. The pain of losing someone you loved is almost unbearable. You can’t breath, at first it takes your breath away. Then the questions come! Is it my fault? Could I have done something differently? Is God punishing me? Why me? If I had only done this or that, if I had said this or that!

The emotions that come with loss are so different for all of us and there are many. Sadness, Anger, Rage, Crying, Suicidal Thoughts, Loss of Appetite, Loss of Sleep, Helplessness, Depression, Despair, Fear, Rage and an abundance of many more emotions. For each of us, the emotions are widely different and yet the same. The heavyness of your heart causes it feel like you can’t breath. You can’t stop crying and reliving all the good times because that is ususally all you have left of the person you loved.

Grief and mourning never go away, but in time it does get easier, but that time can be a long time for some people and a shorter time for others. There is no correct time to stop grieving or mourning. There are times during the day where a memory will pop into your head, and before you know it, your in tears and feeling the pain all over again. There are also times where things happen where you remember the funny times or the good times with your loved one. Those times are so special. I always try and think of the great times we had and it makes it easier, that I am so grateful for the time we had to share in those special moments. Think positve as much as you can and that will get you thru the grief and mourning. It will actually bring a smile to your face, by remembering all the special moments. Thank God for the memories we have, because that keeps the person in our hearts forever.

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