Sadness and EVIL

The Mental Health of the World is on Shaky Ground. The Insanity is so Frightening, as each day more Craziness Invades our World. What are the Answers? Less Drugs, More Education, Less Alcohol, More Mental Health Treatment, Love, Respect, Prayer, and Faith.

Where do we Go? What do we Do? When will it Stop? So many Variables attribute to the Mental Health of each of us. Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Drug Abuse, Pysical Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Lack of Education, Lack of Nutrition, Lack of Treatment, Lack of Financial Stability, Lack of Guidance.

The Atrocities we Witness on a Daily Basis in our World are Unspeakable. The Media by doing there job and reporting the News, has inadvertently glorified these monstrous acts against felllow human beings. The Goodness and the Greatness of Humanity has been pushed aside to Sensationalize the Ugly, the Evil and the Worst of Humanity.

Where did we go Wrong? When will it Stop? How will it ever Stop? Please find a Solution before it’s to late for all of US.

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