Tips for a Happy Life

Important Lessons I Have Learned and Wish Everyone Understood!

Only You Know Your Truth! It’s not your CONCERN nor should you WORRY about what Other’s Think of You. You have Nothing to PROVE to ANYBODY, Except Yourself!

Money Can’t BUY HAPPINESS! Take a look around at all those people who had Millions and how Unhappy they were, how many died at a young age. I am not saying Money isn’t nice to have, but it cannot replace Happiness.

Happiness is YOUR Decision. We all wake up to a NEW Day, and we have a choice to be Happy or Miserable. I have always known, that NO Matter how BAD your LIFE is, Somebody Somewhere has it Worse off then You.

Friendships are Hard to Manuever! They take Work, Time and Commitment. To have a Friend, You have to be a Friend. Friendships cannot be one sided, because that is not a Friendship. Not Everyone is going to like you and that is OKAY. Don’t Waste Time on People who are not intersted in being your friend. And Don’t Take it Personal.

Just BE a Good Person! Work Hard, Play Hard, Think of Others before yourself, but be cautionary, as there are People in the World who look to use KIND People for there Benifit.

There is NO Excuse for Bad Behavior and you shouldn’t Continually Except BAD Behavior over and over from the same person. A Leopard NEVER Changes it’s Spots. Once in awhile we ALL make mistakes, but hopefully we Learn and Change our Behavior. If the BAD Behavior Continues, it’s NOT a Mistake, it’s a CHOICE

Don’t let people Speak RUDELY to you, your family or friends. WALK AWAY! We are adults and we should talk things out, and there is NO need to be Rude. And definitely don’t stand by while someones being Rude to a Child, Senior or Handicapped Person. If you don’t SPEAK UP, you are Part of the Problem.

When your Raising Children, it doesn’t stop when they turn 18. If your Adult Children say or do something particulary Rude or Offensive to another human, it’s your job to Speak Up. Maybe not right then, but in private. Just because they are your Children and they are Adults, doesn’t mean you can’t correct them. It’s not always EASY, and it can be a very Delicate Conversation, but again it’s your job. That’s how we teach RESPECT. I always love time alone in the car with my Children, because we can have good conversations without interruptions. It’s a good time to check in and find out how there lives are going.

You don’t have to like everyone, that’s okay. And don’t ever forget, not everyone is going to like you, and that too is okay. But you do need to be KIND to Everyone. If someone gets on your nerves, you have a choice to engage with them or not. But don’t be RUDE.

When you care about someone, and there actions are less then desired, try and put yourself in their shoes, and see how you would have reacted. We all have bad days once in awhile, so I always try and give them the benifit of the doubt. Of course if Bad behavior continues day after day, maybe it’s time to walk away.


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