As I sit here at my computer, deciding and wondering what to write about, my mind drifts of to so many places and ideals. Just returning from a Family Cruise with my Children and Grandchildren, I am overwhelmed with Gratitude, that we have finally been able to get this Vacation in the books. It is a Vacation that i envisioned for some time now. It was a great family vacation, but there was one person missing, so it didn’t feel complete to me. My oldest son was not able to make it.

My oldest son who is being treated for Addiction and Mental Health issues was missing from our family vacation. Thank God, he made it to treatment, before something horrible happened to him. It was hard for me to have a really good time, but I pushed on and never let anyone know of my sadness. When there is a piece of the family puzzle missing, it’s hard to be 100% happy. Even though he was not their, it was a wonderful trip for my family. It was all about them, as it was there Christmas gift from me. I was so glad to see them enjoying themselves and laughing and having a good time.

After this trip, I know for a fact, there will be more family vacations with everyone going. It’s not always easy with family, because we have such high expectations of each other, and we don’t always meet the mark. Family dynamics in every family are always a little challenging, but we did it, and I am so grateful and proud that everything turned out awesome. I can honestly say, we all had a great time and all got along fine. It’s also very difficult with scheduling, as we all have obligations to meet and timing is everything when it comes to a family vacation.

When I think of this Trip, these words come to mind: GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, BLESSED, HONORED, HAPPY, LAUGHTER, SMILES AND BEAUTIFUL.

My Loves, My Life

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