Simple Life Lessons

Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Be kind, thoughtful, caring, genuine, honest, gracious, and sincere. People know when your being fake. Don’t compliment others unless you truly mean it. It’s nice to be complimented, but if it’s not an honest compliment it only serves to build your ego.

Don’t use your friends to just get what you can get out of them. Be a true friend. We all know people who are only our friends when they want something. Often times the only time you hear from these so called friends is when they need something or want something. That’s not friendship.

Don’t take things so personal. The world does not revolve around you. Stop lying! If you don’t want to do a certain activity, just say so. You don’t have make up a story and lie. It’s okay to say, no I am not interested in doing such and such. You don’t have to have an excuse or a reason to say NO. You don’t have to explain your decision. And when someone tells you NO, take it for it’s worth and don’t take it personal.

Use Manners, SAY Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, I’m Sorry. It’s such a ME society, people forget there manners and are sometimes extremely RUDE.

SMILE and GREET others with a friendly and sincere HI or Hello! Smiles cost NOTHING but are so important and make others feel so good if there sincere.

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