Finding Happiness

Why do people Tolerate the Intolerable? We deserve as much happiness as possible.. We’re good enough and we deserve the very best! When we learn and understand what we will tolerate and what we won’t tolerate, we grow in leaps and bounds. When we finally figure out and decide what behavior we will no longer tolerate, then the very best will come to us. If we except bad behavior, we will get bad behavior and then we become a big part of that problem. Expect the best and we will get the best. We settle to easily in the name of fear and loneliness. You my Friends, Deserve Happiness!

2 responses to “Finding Happiness”

  1. As I accumulate years I have less and less tolerance for stupidity as defined by me.
    I expect the best and deserve nothing less.

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    1. Totally agree, I wish others understood this.

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