Pet Peeves and Manners

We all have Pet Peeves that drive us batty. The Definition of Pet Peeve is “Something that a particular person finds expecially annoying”. Often times they are just an annoyance that just irritates you, but unless it’s a friend or family, just let it go. Here are a few of my Pet Peeves. I hope you will send me yours to add to the list.

Wearing Socks with Sandals, Ugh. I believe the whole purpose of sandals is to let your feet breath. Besides looking absolutely ridiculous, wearing socks defeats the entire purpose of wearing sandals.

Driving 10 Miles or more Under the posted speed limit. If your afraid to drive get off the road.

Not Using your Turn Signals! It’s just common courstsey to use them so people behind you or in front of you know where and when your going to turn. Don’t be so LAZY!

Unnecessary Beeping of the Horn. People now days seem to be so impatient.

Rude People with Bad Manners!

Manners that need to be Remember

1. Don’t Spit on the Ground unless you absolutely have nowhere else to spit. Use a Tissue or a piece a paper. It’s discusting and gross and someone could step on it and track it inside the house or the building.

2. Don’t Pick Your Teeth in Public! Yuck

3. Definitly DON’T Blow your Nose in a restaurant at the Table. Go into the Restroom to blow your nose. Nobody wants to hear that Honker while eating oysters or any other meal.

Don’t Pick Your Nose and if you do, Don’t do it in Public.

Don’t Pass Gas or Burp when people are around. Exucse yourself and walk away or go somewhere by yourself.

Don’t Be Rude to Customer Service Staff or Servers. If you have a Problem, quietly and calmly expain the issue. No need for screaming and yelling and acting like a spoiled brat. You can also always ask to speak to a Supervisor. In this new world after covid, that we are living in, Customer Service and Restaurant staffing seems to be quite short, and they are doing the very best they can under very difficult circumstances. Business are closing at an alarming rate because of short staffing and other issues.

BE KIND to EVERYONE YOU MEET! SMILE and be PLEASANT. If your having a bad day as we all do, suck it up and don’t take it out on other people. Remember that Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG Difference.

Greet All Chidren, Elderly and Handicapped people that you come into contact each day. Don’t pass by like you didn’t see them. Sometimes these are the loneliest people in the world.

Use Common Manners all the time by saying, Please, Thank You, Excuse Me and Sorry.

ALWAYS Remember just because your paying for a Service, it does not give you the right to be Rude, Condescending, Mean, Arrogant or Nasty to the Service Provider.

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