Life Hacks

As you get older you will understand more and more that it’s not about what you look like or what you own, it’s all about the person you’ve become!

Attitude, it’s all about your attitude! It’s about being down to earth, being nice, thoughtful, kind, grateful, honest and real. Nobody wants to be around people who think they are better then others. Arrogance, Self Importance, Superiority, Egotism, Snobbery, Vanity, Conceit, Narcissism and Condescension have no place in a healthy life.

Get Out of Your Head! If you’re feeling anxious, your thoughts might loop whatever you’re worring about. Attempt to engage with your environment. Look out the window and see what’s there. Check and see what your collegues are doing. Get a drink of water. Taking yourself outside of your head will break into the loop and allow a bit of space to emerge for you to develope some new thoughts.

Make a List of What makes you Happier. In a moment of downtime, compile a list of things you enjoy and make you happy. The next time you’re struggling with life, get your list out for some homemade remedies that you can immediately put into action to lift your mood.

When you worry about something, it helps to identify the worst-case scenario. When you’ve faced up to the worst thing that could happen and considered what you might do under those worst-case circumstances, your fear will subside. Often the dread you’re feeling doesn’t really stand up to close examination. So when your worried about something, don’t push it away. Allow yourself to identify it. You have to experience your fear to eliminate it.

Always remember, that you matter. Your life matters and there are people who love you, care about you and only want the best for you. Often times they don’t tell you how much they love you, because they don’t have the communication skills to articulate those sentiments. But you know who they are and who loves you. There are people who you have met throughout your life that you have left a positive mark on who will always be better off for having experienced you in there lifes. We never know the impact we have on someone else’s life. If we look back on our lifes, we can name and remember those people who made us feel special or good about ourselves. A teacher, minister, relative, freind or even a complete stranger. That is why kindness is so important. Were setting the seeds for a postive life.

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