As my week comes to and end, I am reminded of how Grateful I am for every second of everyday. I am grateful for my family, my friends, my adventures, my pets, and the beauty I see around me. Each day, each hour of each day, holds a new surprise for all of us. It’s not always going to be a good surprise, as we know life is like a roller coaster. Up’s and down’s and curves and twists, but that is life. Try to remember, that when things go wrong or bad as they often do, this to shall pass. They are all lessons to teach us how to be loving, grateful, considerate, kind and above all human. Try as hard as it may be to stay POSITIVE! I know and understand that life is cruel sometimes, but everytime I have had a bad life situation, and I have had many, I try to look at the good in it, and what is the lesson I am suppose to learn. Because each life moment, whether good or bad, is a lesson, but the hard part is figuring out what that lesson is for you. The lessons I believe are different for all of us! It’s our job to find out what that lesson is, and that is how we grow, mature, and finally find the peace and happiness that we all deserve.

I am so grateful for the rejections and disappointments in my life. With each rejection and disappointment there was a lesson to be learned. Those lessons made me stronger and wiser and the man who I am today. Grateful!
Key West Sunset
Sidewalks of Chicago

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