Parenting is the single Hardest Job in the World with the Most Responsibility. And it doesn’t always go easily, or right. They hand us this beautiful bundle of joy at the Hospital, with NO Instruction Manuel. We have to learn by experience, mistakes, family imput and our faith. We all want the VERY BEST for our Children and to often in this Crazy World of ours they don’t always get the best. There are so many hazards and dangers that we have to navigate through every single day. I have definitely made my share of mistakes raising my children.

Try to Remember that Saying “NO” = LOVE. It’s hard to say NO. But in the end, saying NO means you care about there safety, and that it’s only because you LOVE them so much, that you are saying NO. Unfortunately a lot of Children don’t have Structure in their lifes and the word NO is non existent. Sometimes Parent’s are looking for a Friend in their Child because of there own insecurities or loneliness. This never ends up good. Children need to have friends there own age so they can grow together and explore the world in their way. Hanging out with Adults all the time is NOT good because Adult conversations are not always healthy for kids. They don’t need to hear about your problems or your worries. They need to be kids, to laugh, giggle, run and have fun.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes while raising your children. There is no reason to be embarrased, ashamed, or upset. WE all make mistakes, but the key is to LEARN from our mistakes. Like I mentioned before, we don’t get an instruction manual, so there will be mistakes, missteps, problems, pain, sorrow and angish. But you NEVER give up, because they are our children. When we know better we do better, so educate yourself on raising the best child you can. There are all types of books, programs and lectures on raising children. Not every lesson is going to be for you, but pick and choose what works for you and your children.

As a father of 3 grown children and their spouses and 7 grandchildren, I can tell you first hand, that watching your kids suffer and in pain, is the single hardest thing as a parent to see. We have been through Divorces, Medical Emergencies, Miscarriages, Addiction, Rebellious Teenagers and the list goes on. I have to continually remind myself of the affirmations that get me through the day. This to Shall Pass, What doesn’t kill us makes us Stronger, Take one day at a time, Don’t blame yourself, It’s not your Fault. Giving it to a Higher Power. I know I did the very best I could and it wasn’t always good enough, but in the end my heart was always in the right place. As the elder in the family, all of this stuff rests on your shoulders. You have to remember, that like us, they all have choices, and sometimes those choices are not the right choices, but in the end, it’s there choice. I know not all people believe in Prayer, but Prayer has absolutely saved my sanity on many occasions. It has cleared out my mind so that I could think more clearly and find ways to resolve some of the issues we have dealt with throughout the years.

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