Affairs of the Heart or so difficult, and often times it takes a few years or maybe many years to get it correct. With each love interest, we learn, we grow and we find out what behavior we are willing to except or not except in a partner. It took me over 30 years to get it correct and to find my true love, my soulmate. Once you find that, life becomes peaceful, serene and content. Sometimes in your life, it feels like you will never find that, but you will. You have to be honest, persistant, know your worth, and most of all don’t settle for less then you deserve. The thing is , you have to have a clear picture of want it is you really want in another person.

Finding your true love, or soulmate, begins with finding you. You have to know yourself, your flaws and everything. And most importantly you have to except those flaws and love yourself. How can anyone love you, if you don’t even love yourself. Nobody is perfect on this earth. We all have flaws and defects and the sooner you except those flaws and work on the ones you can change, the faster you will become healthy. Looking at ourselves is one of the hardest things to do, because then we have to see the damaged person we have become. Most everyone has some sort of insecurity or fears whether it be Public Speaking, The Dark, Flying, Reading out Loud, Germs, Dating, Eating alone in a Restaurant, Singing, Dancing and the list goes on and on. To become a better version of ourselves, we have to try and overcome these fears, otherwise they control our entire lives. You can overcome these fears if you work at them. You have to challenge yourself to work on each of them and get them under control. President Franklin Roosevelt said in a speach that “There is Nothing to Fear, But Fear itself.” This is so TRUE! Fear is a Crippling Desease that stunts your growth, Paralyses you and you become stuck in a place of fear.

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