As you arise in the morning from your nights sleep, be grateful for another day, because as we lift our heads off the pillows, a new, glorious day begins. We have the opportunity to start anew and to make it our best day ever.

Staying positive in a negative world is not easy, but it’s a conscious choice we all need to make. If you choose to try and stay positive, your days will go by better. I always try and look at the positive in every situation. I try to remember, that no matter how bad things may be, someone else, somewhere, has it way worse off then I. Being positive is addictive and I believe what you put out into the world you recieve in return. We all no negative people, and they are so difficult to be around. They see gloom and doom around every corner. Always miserable and complaining. Nobody wants to be around these people other then like minded people. I try and smile and say hi to eveyone I come in contact with, as this may be the only good vibe they recieve this day. We never know how a simple gesture as a smile and a hello, will change the course of someones day. We never know what others are going through and keeping a positive attitude might just help someone through there day.

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