Special Moments

There are many Special Moments in Life that bring such joy to your soul and your heart. These moments become memories that we can look back upon to bring us happiness throughout our lifes. Here are a few special moments ……..

Babies – The birth of a baby, a babies first smile, first words, first steps. Each of these warms our hearts and brings a smile to our lifes. There is nothing more joyful then laughing or giggling babies.

Pets bring us immense joy on a daily basis. It’s so sweet to have a dog greet you at the door when you return home. Or a cat, sitting in your lap and purring. Or watching them play with there toys. Pets can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. They can ease loneliness. They become part of our families.

Success brings such happiness to all of us, whether it’s our own success or our childrens, or our families success. Nothing better then seeing those we love, succeed. We all want the best for ourselves and those we love and when that moment happens, it brings with it, such proud feelings. Whether it’s a promotion, graduation, engagement, wedding or a birth the joy is felt so deeply. When someone we love succeeds it’s a proud moment for everyone who loves them. People live to succeed and when we do, it’s glorious.

Sometimes Special Moments are found in nature. A beautiful beach, a sunrise, sunset, rain storm, lightning storm, flowers, plants, trees, forrests. Fall leaves, snow storms, a spring or fall day. These are the moments that bring us back to the reality that life is so beautiful.

Spending time with a friend or a relative can bring the utmost joy and happiness. Those special moments you share together, the laughs, the jokes, the fun, the bonding will bring you joy just by the thought of those special times you have spent together.

Be Thankful and Grateful for all the Special Moments in your life. The joy they bring will follow you all the days of your life.

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